Saivens Materials Inc. is a supplier of all types of nano materials of very high purity. We provide all types of nano materials as CNTs, Graphene and Inorganic Nano Materials, and much more. We cater all the samples from tons of quantities. These nanomaterials can be used for many applications.

We offer our competence as an innovation and implementation partner from the development and production of innovative nanocomposites and nano-formulas through to the integration of products and processes and mass production. So far, several hundred applications have been implemented into the mass production. We help our customers by delivering the most pertinent products with the assurance of quality. We rejoice in the fact that our products and services add values to our customers and in progression we build a priceless relationship of eminence with precision.

Our Team
team We have a young and vibrant multi-disciplinary team, passionate about new and emerging technologies and its potential as the “primary” screen in our lives.More than anything else, we love this emerging technologies and are very excited to play a pivotal role in increasing its relevance and utility for customers.